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Sandeep Bhatt was a member of the team at Unrefined Designs, LLC commissioned to design, fabricate and install this bespoke cabinet and room divider for a client’s guest house in Raleigh, NC.


The client required that the piece be both artistic and functional: simultaneously a standalone sculpture to complement an original work by Damien Hirst positioned nearby and a cabinet to display art from the client’s extensive collection and store wine and spirits.

Review slides of the design process below.

Sandeep Bhatt's Contribution

Lead Industrial Designer
  • Client conversations - initial directive and iterative design refinement
  • Hand sketches
  • Concept development
  • References and trend research
  • Photo-realistic renders
  • Client presentations
CNC Digital Fabricator
  • CAD
  • CAM
  • CNC operation
  • Member of on-site installation team
Photography Josh Hollar, Sandeep Bhatt
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