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Peace & Saint is a cafe, bar and hookah lounge that opened in fall 2021 in downtown Raleigh, NC. Sandeep Bhatt was a member of the team from Unrefined Designs contracted to bring the client's vision to life. Sandeep oversaw the interior design, created photorealistic renders of the final designs, provided dimensioned drawings for all interior components to internal and external teams, and CNC fabricated many of the elements depicted.

Sandeep Bhatt's Contribution

Lead Industrial Designer
  • Client conversations - initial directive and iterative design refinement
  • Concept development
  • Hand sketches
  • References and trend research
  • Hiring of and close collaboration with graphic designer on logo design, CMF
  • Photo-realistic renders
  • Client presentations
CNC Digital Fabricator
  • CAD
  • CAM
  • CNC operation
  • Dimensioned drawings
  • Member of on-site installation team
Renders Sandeep Bhatt
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