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Sandeep Bhatt is the founder of SonoVoice, Inc., a startup company being spun out of Duke University and NC State University. SonoVoice is commercializing patent-pending vocal health technology co-invented by Sandeep Bhatt with professors from both institutions. 

Review slides from the SonoVoice pitch deck below.

Proprietery information has been redacted.

Sandeep Bhatt's Contribution

CEO and Founder
  • Co-invented patent-pending technology for voice training and rehabilitation
  • Oversaw development of proof of concept prototypes
    • Created digital device prototype with co-inventors and biomedical engineer consultant​
    • Created smartphone app wire frame with UI/UX collaborator and clinical advisor
  • Built an interdisciplinary team of experts to commercialize technology:​​
    • Mechanical engineer​
    • Data scientist
    • Voice scientist
    • Speech-language pathologists
    • UI / UX design
  • Led extensive customer discovery work:
    • Determined user neeeds and design criteria
    • Established pilot study participants  
    • Gained insights into pricing
    • Two-semester collaboration with two Duke New Ventures fellows (2nd year MBA students)
  • Oversaw business and finance initiatives
    • Built detailed forecast financial model​
    • Developed data-driven calculation of addressable market opportunity
    • Mentored by health tech entrepreneur from Duke University's New Ventures program​
Graphic Design Sonia Hupfeld-Cousineau
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